The Kielburgers are on the grill today

WE Bros testifying at committee today

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It’s WE Day in Parliament as Kielburgers and WE execs testify

The Kielburgers are used to the spotlight, as their job for the past 13 years has been to court celebrities for rock star appearences before arenas full of impressionable fans.

But today, the Marc and Craig Kielburger will be facing the harsh lights of the Standing Committee on Finance as MPs inquire about the formation and administration of the Canada Student Service Grant. Former WE Chair Michelle Douglas and current WE CFO Victor Li are also set to appear.

While Liberals tried to shut down the committee’s entire WE agenda yesterday, today they will be looking to pin the scheme on WE while trying to put distance between the cabinet, the PM, and the $912 million grant while placing focus on bureaucratic recommendations and proposals.

The Conservative, NDP, and Bloc members will seek to divide the Kielburgers against the government as the brothers are coming to realize that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s association with the charity is now detrimental to their future business interests.

The united WE/Trudeau front will likely fall as Trudeau faces the committee’s questions on Thursday where he will probably place blame elsewhere — though he will again begin by apologizing for the narrow scope of culpability he’s defined for himself.

Watch for the following themes from Pierre Poilievre, Michael Cooper, and Peter Julian today:

  • Who’s idea was the Canada Student Service Grant?

  • When was it proposed?

  • How did these conversations take shape

  • When was the Prime Minister aware?

Brian Lilley has a great breakdown of what questions he’d put to the brothers and WE execs this afternoon.

You can watch the Kielburger testimony at committee on ParlVU beginning at 12pm EST today.

WE coverage dominates

This is an week of intense attention for WE as new revelations seem to emerge daily. Canada’s four main dailies have the charity on the frontpage today.

The Globe reports that the entire $30 million sum earmarked for WE’s profit line was already in hand weeks before cabinet even approved its contract. The charity could have also earned up to $43.5 million presuming completion of the contract now canceled.

Five days after the government announced the plan, WE received its cheque from the Receiver General.

Who says that government doesn’t work with speed and efficiency?

WE says they are returning the money.

The National Post reports that the Kielburgers and WE have been building ties with the Chinese Communist regime, with China’s state newspaper and broadcaster promoting brother Craig’s book in the country, while the Chinese ambassador to Canada hosted brother Marc at the embassy to celebrate the anniversary of renewed bilateral relations between Canada and China.

The Post also reports that WE and Me to We have been busy selling development trips to Chinese students — similar to the trips that were gifted to Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau and his family in 2017.

One thing is for certain, the Kielburgers have been busy developing influence in China much like they have been in Canada.

The Kielburgers, Justin Trudeau, and President Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet discuss THE FUTURE


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